Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So let's see. Writing has stopped for the moment. First of all, I wanted to finish crocheting and sewing some stuff (pictures at the end of post) so I have been concentrating on that. Everyone is having babies so I have a lot to make. That has taken a lot of my time up. Yes, I could still write 100 or so words so I am slacking but I am full of excuses.

When I do start writing here again I think I am going to have to skip over most of Chapter 4. It's a plot mover, mostly dialogue and description, my least favorite to write. So I think if I skip ahead to what's next and write that I can go back later and fill in the rest. It's good to have a plan of what I'm going to do/focus on when I do get a chance to write again. So there we go.

Currently, Downton Abbey and Criminal Minds have both made me cry this week. For real. Great episodes, great acting, intense drama. In love with both shows. Hart of Dixie was less interesting this week but Wade did take care of Zoe in the end and it was super cute. I almost dread the next episode of Vampire Diaries; I do hope it is filled with Klaus as he is the reason I even watch it any more. Once Upon a time was a rerun. Sad.

Tomorrow I have to focus on school- I need to made an educational video some how about something. As you can see, I have not figured out on what yet. Oh yea! In the car on the way home from work I think I decided I would do one on bar graphs. I haven't quite figured out what/how yet, but I will figure that out tomorrow. I also have a mandatory meeting at work tomorrow so I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and have Dr. Aubry look at Tilwyn's cyst on his face to see if it can be removed without anesthesia. I think maybe if we put a patch on his eye, like a pirate, it may be possible. We'll see tomorrow. Bailey will go for moral support.

Pacifier holders
Ok so now with the pictures: First I made a few pacifier holders, baby safe safety pin them to the baby's clothes and when their pacifier falls out it doesn't get lost. I also made a baby quilt for my friend Karen's upcoming baby and mailed it to Georgia.

For Karen's baby
Then I have been working on a diaper bag for Julie, a girl at work. Her shower is in February. This diaper bag was made from a pattern I bought...from hell! I had to tear out more seams because the directions were wrote poorly. I almost threw the thing in the lake. In the end it was worth it, it is super cute, but boy was it a pain. I also made her a wall hanging quilt... though I cheated. It's made from a panel, meaning it was premade, I just had to quilt and bind it. No I did not applique the owls on. But as busy as I've been I am not worried about it. It's still super cute.  And that is what has been keeping me busy these past few days.
For Julie's baby, wall hanging.

Goals:  (In list form Stacey!)
  1. Thursday: Homework, meeting, work on Heather's baby blanket with left over time
  2. Friday: Work, get out any gaming preoccupation (GW2 has been calling my name)
  3. Saturday: Work, hang out with Stacey and Mom, making pies, catch up on Project Runway, crochet with extra time
  4. Sunday: Church, WRITE

So it will be Sunday before I get to writing again. That's okay. Gives me time to plan in my head. Then we'll see how things go next week. I may need to make another list...

Diaper Bag inside
Diaper Bag for Julie

Friday, January 25, 2013

So I came home from a rough day at work today. I am wiped out. I wanted to go to bed at 6:00pm. But I ate and worked on crocheting this blanket for a bit...and I am still tired. I was going to go to bed without writing a thing....

But I couldn't.

Because I didn't want to type in my blog today that I wrote nothing for the second day in a row. How crazy is that? So....  I went back and deleted like half a page from the end of Chapter 3 and finished it off. Then I went and started chapter 4. One hundred and ten words of it. That's all I'm doing, I'm so tired I could fall asleep on this desk right now.

In other news, Project Runway is starting up. Yey! But this season is all teamwork. Boo! I mean, I know they do it for the drama but I watch it for the clothes making, the drama is secondary to me. And let me tell you...not impressed with the first runway show. Not my fav. And there are no personalities that stand out yet. I mean, last season you at least KNEW you hated Gunner starting day 1. This one doesn't have me hating anyone in particular yet....but I do noticed that all the old people they "cast" are usually idiots. I was rooting for this old lady in the show until she made her dress and WHOA, she's gots to go!

Best part of the show was the judges. Yey for Zac Posen, whom I recognize I think from America's Next Top Model. That would be the only reason I would know ANY name in fashion. I think he will be a fantastic judge. And the guest just was Christian, my all time favorite PR contestant! He didn't make my favorite clothes but that's a dude with personality you can't stop. Lurve him to death.

Here is why:

Those were the best gifs I could find. Now for the fashion:

And I love these shoes:

 So a lot of slacking but a little progress made tonight in writing. Work tomorrow, so bed now. Loves!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

No writing today

So I have spent most of the day working on two video like things for school today. They were actually fun in the end and I have learned some new software so the day wasn't totally wasted. If you're interested, see here. That took up a majority of my day.

I also caught up with Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, and Hart of Dixie. HoD was the best of the three I watched today. I love that show, I don't care what anyone says. I love Wade. And I liked George in this one, surprisingly.

Now I am trying to finish this baby blanket for a friend in GA while watching CSI: Miami (on Netflix, started from the beginning and going through the seasons when I need background noise). This show is so el oh el. The guy says the car was a Mercedes S class and some how Horatio pulls out a measuring tape from his buttocks and measures the wheelbase of random dirt left behind and tells the due he's lying because an S class has a 66 inch wheel base and the one he just measured was 62 inches. WHAT? You just randomly know that fact? Then they ask for the truth and the dude says it was like a Grand Prix and they just believe him. No "wheel base facts" on a Grand Prix, eh H?

But you have to love this show in spite of David Caruso. He's just something to laugh at every time he says or does something nonsensical. Which is often. I watch it for Callie, chick knows her firearms. And Speed. Except Speed just died in this now I watch for Ryan. OMG next episode, CHANNING TATUM looks so young. He's such a thug.

I think I am going to skip editing my story tonight. I am going to concentrate on finishing this blanket. I prefer to write when I am fresh on the computer and I am kind of sick of my computer today.

Meanwhile, I want to make out with Wade's face- I think he will be my new Elijah muse.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Productive evening? You decide...

Tonight: I spent 3 hours trying to figure out how to make a blog layout/template. I sort of made one. I found lots of cute things to use and made a layout....that was OK but really overall just sucked. Then I realized that it is hard and time consuming to make a decent layout and I will just stick with what other people have made. But at least I have tried so now I know this.

I have spent the last 2 hours...gasp...writing! Yes writing my story that is still on chapter 3. It was a fun action scene which are my favorite to write. Now I have to figure out how to wrap the chapter up. And in case you are wondering, yes, it does suck. I am embarrassed at half of what I wrote. But it is down. On paper. Well, on MS Word, but same idea.

What I will struggle with: going from a fight scene into a dialog scene into a transition scene. How do you go from adrenaline pumping, almost dying, into we need to get from point A to point B in a car? Just leave it out? I might have to do that. I have to think on it. The car driving- not important. So...I probably need to back up a paragraph or two and just end it there. Ok. Talked it out. I'll see what I can do about that tomorrow.

I also worked on a school project for about an hour. Will have to finish that tomorrow. I will share as I have to upload it on YouTube. It is quite hilarious.

Ok. Going to bed now. As I fall asleep I will try to think of more lovely scenes for my story. Usually puts me right to sleep.

Procrastination for the sake of progress

I have been perusing writing/writer blogs. I have found themes in what they say. One of them is write, no matter what you are writing, every day. I thought that maybe, when I'm putting off writing my books, I can write in this blog and talk out why I'm struggling. Then I am still writing and maybe it will be the "unblock" that I need.

Another theme I've noticed is that you can't be afraid to suck. Just write it. It will most likely...suck. First drafts are just word vomit on a page. The art of writing is in the revising. Since more than one published author has said this on something I've read or watched in the past two days, I'm going to believe it is true. So that means I just need to get it down on paper (or type it on the computer as the case may be) and not worry about what it is, just make it be.

Also, my sister has had a similar idea of making a blog along the same lines. She and I tend to copy each other or have these good ideas at the same time. So while I actually thought of doing something like this before she mentioned it to me, her actual action into making a blog has spurred me into starting mine. Which had me spending 2 hours last night searching through Blogger templates (which makes me want to learn how to make Blogger templates because of the severe lack of good looking ones for free, but NO TIME) instead of writing. This was followed by at least 2 more hours on Tumblr, on just one person's page, a girl that I love, a fellow writer, and really the only person I follow on Tumblr. She's got great stuff up on her page and I will have to go back through it with more attention to detail when I have the time (TIME? WHO HAS IT?).

So now, I have started. Yey! The beginning is always easy. It's the follow through that's the hard part. I'm going to try! And Stacey and Sarah, my sisters, will be my support. Counting on you two!

So priorities that I am juggling, in no particular order:
  1. Writing my book(s)
  2. Master's Degree school work
  3. Crocheting baby blankets for my friends (2 atm)
  4. Finishing the diaper bag and quilt for my other friend having a baby
  5. This blog
  6. My dogs! (They are probably #1, just FYI)
Yes. I think that is it. It's a lot. I need about 5 more hours in each day. Dang you 8 hours of sleep! Oh yes, and my job. Forgot about that. So that list is the stuff I need to do in my free time, when I am not working. There we go. Fixed.