Thursday, February 7, 2013


Quick post for this week. Writing = not getting done. I'm swinging back to a crocheting mood, whether that is good or bad remains to be seen. At least I'm being creative in some way. I did get some of my chapter 4 done this past weekend; I had to erase the 110 words I wrote before and start over but it's progressing. Stacey has given me great feedback to keep me focused on things that I thought were obvious but apparently are not. It will help with revisions when I eventually get to them.

Meanwhile I had to do homework. This week's homework was uninspiring. I had to make an infographic which is basically a graphic poster on the internet. It has it's uses but it's not something I can really see me using with future classes. The funny thing is next week's assignment- is using Adobe Photoshop. Really? I've used Photoshop for over 10 years, since at least PS4. I am by no means an expert but I can do a whole lot with the program.

Next week's assignment is to take a picture turn it black and white and put my name on it, then replace one color from the original photo, then crop it and adjust the contrast/brightness drastically.... and that's it. I can do that in my sleep. Then you can use PS to make animated gifs (not the ones we like to make Stacey, I'll explain why this weekend) and we have to watch a tutorial and make one.

Yea. I already did all those things. It took me maybe 5 hours today to do this week's homework and next week's. Now I just have to do the write up for the PS stuff and I'll be done. A week ahead. That gives me lots of time to do other things....


I'll let you know how that goes. Here's my gif. It's not a Monet but it works.